Comfort Women

Dimo Kim Musical Theatre Factory presents

Set in 1941, Comfort Women takes us to Seoul, Korea, where we meet Goeun, a young woman whose brother is attempting to revolt against the Imperial Japanese Army. Goeun meets a man who promises her a good-paying job at a factory in Tokyo. Feeling like she has no other options to support her family, she chooses to leave her home and take the job. Unfortunately, Goeun soon realizes that this is not the dream opportunity that she has been promised. She is held hostage, transported to Indonesia, and is forced to become a Japanese Imperial Army sexual slave. We follow Goeun through this life-altering experience as she befriends fellow slaves (Comfort Women) and they plan their impossible escape.

Abigail Choi Arader as Goeun Kim
Lyndon Adolf Apostol as Minsik Lee
Jennifer Sun Bell as Namsoon Lee
Emma Magbanua as Soonja Ma
Eunice Ye-In Lee as Jinju Park
Gena Baek as Youngsun Choi
Anna Kaskeeva as Malsoon Lee
John Bernos as Songwon Kim/Matsui Kazuo
Maddie Lucas as Ellen Jansen
Tim Jim Lim as Nani/Mr. Komino
Brandon English as General Hiroshi/Youngsun's Husband
Tenzin Yeshi as Toshio
Joy Yang as Soonja Understudy/Female Ensemble
Cami Li as Female Ensemble
Emma Park as Female Ensemble
Jiwon Jeon as Male Ensemble

Creative Team
Directed by: Dimo Hyun Jun Kim
Written by: Dimo Hyun Jun Kim, Osker David Aguirre, and Joanne Mieses
Music by: Bryan Michaels and Taeho Park
Lyrics by: Bryan Michaels
Choreographer: Natanal Hyun Kim
Associate Choreographer: Renata Skobo
Music Director: Wani Han
Scenic Designer: Choul Lee
Lighting Designer: Byungchul Lee
Sound Designer: TJ Park
Orchestrator: Hyunju Yun
Stage Combat: Johnny X Wang
Production Stage Manager: Courtney Rhodes
Assistant Stage Managers: Beth Scorzato, Denise Kha
Assistant Director: Yuri Kwag
Company Manager: Emi Chun

August 15 - 25, 2019

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