Judge Torres 

Written by Milta Ortiz

November 15 & 16, 2019

“Judge Torres” is the story of real life Judge Xiomara Torres who has been serving on the bench in Portland, Oregon since her appointment by the governor in 2017.  But her journey began years earlier and thousands of miles away in a small village in El Salvador where she lived until she was 9 years old and migrated with her family to Los Angeles.  


When she was 13, she reported the abuse occurring in her home, which led to Xiomara and her siblings being taken into foster care where she continued to live until she graduated from high school in 1989.   

Xiomara first met CASA Jan Brice, while testifying in the criminal case regarding the abuse allegations, when midway thru her testimony, the judge contacted the CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) office to request an advocate to support Xiomara as she continued her hours-long testimony.  Shortly thereafter, Jan became the CASA for Xiomara. 


But there’s so much more to her story………. 

Interwoven with Mayan Mayan mythology, “Judge Torres” is not only the incredible story of triumph over adversity but also of the amazing life-long connection with her advocate.  When “Judge Torres” premiered in January at Portland’s Milagro Theater, every performance played to sold-out audiences. Since then Teatro Milagro has been touring the play nationally, culminating with these final performances at the Los Angeles Theatre Center 

Q & A with Judge Xiomara Torres and her CASA, Jan Brice, following both performances  

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