MOONSCAPES: an AbleARTS Work installation at LATC by persons with disabilities

Able ARTS Work


The primary vision of Able ARTS Work (formerly known as Arts & Services for Disabled, Inc.) is to provide lifelong learning, community service and vocational opportunities through the creative arts for people with disabilities of all ages in an environment of warmth, encouragement and inclusion.

We believe all people…

…regardless of functional capability, have a right and responsibility, to contribute to the well being of their community and have a vocation of their choosing.

…should have access to an informed and supportive community, which must play a vital role in removing the barriers to full involvement and inclusion.

…should have access to the expressive arts in vocation, education, leisure, health and wellness.

…have the right to express and practice their cultural and artistic heritage.

We believe all people regardless of functional capability should be treated with dignity and respect, thus our philosophy and mission...

Love Before Learning. Learn for Life.

Exhibition: Moonscapes

Exhibition inquiries: Jason Triefenbach or 562 982 0247

Moonscapes is a celebration of collaboration representing all resident artists attending Able ARTS Work programs. Five large paintings exhibited in tandem, form an abstract habitat of color and style. Moonscapes inhabits another world of bright lines and swift shapes that immerse us in the freedom of artistic discovery.

Each painting was made at a different Able ARTS Work program with a different group of resident artists. We paid special attention to the artists' individual needs, so that each person was able to express themselves freely on the canvas. While some artists worked independently others were guided with hand over hand assistance or by pointing and voice direction.

Within the vast surfaces of the paintings the artists' own iconic styles merge together to form new meanings. The rich layering of paint by Dennis Lautterwasser, and geographical masses by Cristina Mariotta look like other worldly landscapes on lunar surfaces. Pop culture portrayals like Jesus Quiroz’s favorite soccer player “El Chicharito” and David Jaimes Halloween bats and haunted jack-o'-lanterns remind us that there is a connection between art and the every day.

Daisy Rosas

Curator, Getty Multicultural Intern

Thank you to AbleARTS Work for allowing us to partner with them and share their pieces for the run of Happiest Song Plays Last.

Installation will remain open in the Theatre 1 lobby until closing night for Happiest Song Plays Last.

Feel free to check it out while you visit the LATC!


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