Play at Work (PAW) program is a free after-school experience for students interested in college and career pathways into the field of theatre. The Play at Work (PAW) program is open to Los Angeles high school teens and young adults.​​


Stage Management 

Instructor - Sophia Sanchez


About the class: This class is an introduction to the fundamentals of stage management and will give students an overview of this key position, which involves every aspect of a production from first rehearsal to last performance. The course will cover the pre-production phase, rehearsal process, and performance phase. A big emphasis will be placed on the importance of why stage managers do what they do and best practices including communication skills and how to maintain working relationships in a dynamic ever-changing environment. 

April 12 - May 10

Mondays | 4pm-5pm

5 total sessions

Instructor- Geoffrey Rivas

Welcome to 2021 and a new way of learning via Zoom. This will be a challenge as we navigate learning what it means to be an actor via the internet. We will start off with breaking down a monologue, content, intention, motivation, key phasing etc. Help me help you be a better performer with this new process until we are able to meet live in person at the theater. 


Course Objectives:

Script Analysis
Vocal Improvement


April 19-May 19
Monday and Wednesdays | 4pm-5pm
10 total sessions





Instructor - Nathaniel Edelman


About the class:

Beginning Playwriting for young adults will illuminate the tenets of dramatic writing. Through various writing exercises and scene work, students will explore and engage with plot, character, dialogue, setting, and theme. Through their work, participants will build the muscles to construct their own plays utilizing their unique voices.


Course Objectives:


  • Develop writing skills

  • Read new plays

  • Constructive criticism 


April 19-May 20

Mondays & Thursdays | 4pm-5pm

10 total sessions

Class 5 - Producing

Instructor - Angie Scott


This course studies the structure governing economic and artistic decision-making processes in American professional theater, using the Latino Theater Company as a model of a professional, not-for-profit, regional organization.


Course Objectives:


  • Conversations with theater professionals

  • Learn about various departments

  • Planning, budgeting, etc.


April 23-May 21

Fridays | 4pm-5pm

5 total sessions


Spoken Word Poetry

Instructor - Xavi Moreno


About the class: Utilizing aspects of performance poetry, storytelling, and voice students work together to create and perform original work. In this class we will engage and inspire youth to explore their identity and tell their own story as a source of healing and to harness joy.

Course Objectives: 


  • Develop writing skills

  • Improve public speaking

  • Vocal Training


April 20- May 20

Tuesdays & Thursdays | 4pm-5pm

10 total sessions

Application Deadline:
Stage Management: April 9th

All other classes: April 16th.


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